This year, on August 5th & 6th, the 'Schoolhouse Gang' is again joining in Bike MS to raise funds for MS research and assistance for those with MS.

Scott, Nickie, Brandon, Zach, Kenzie, Emma, Mary, Mike, and Stephanie will all be riding to fight this cause.

We are asking for people to join us in this movement by supporting our efforts.

Bike MS: Oxford 2017 is a ride that will take you farther than you’ve ever gone before. What makes this ride so special? A classic Ohio Valley ride of rolling hills, open farms and fields, and valley descents and climbs, combined with top-notch accommodations at Miami University. In addition, you'll experience an incredible level of camaraderie as you embark on a journey filled with laughter, excitement, support and a profound sense of accomplishment

Small corporate and community teams comprised of cyclists from Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and surrounding communities contribute to the success of this event.

We are The Schoolhouse Gang.  Some of us have different last names, but we are all part of this great big wonderful Rider family.  And four of us grew up in a schoolhouse.  As kids, we played on the swings, monkey bars, and merry-go-round that were all in our yard.  We ran through the woods and played in the creek until someone rang the bell for us to come home.  We know what it’s like to be able to run and play.  We were taught to care about other people and to help when we could.  So when Bike MS came into our lives…. it was only natural that we participate in any way we can.

We all have different reasons for riding, but we all share one main reason - to help fund research to end this horrible disease. Each of us knows someone who has died from MS or is still fighting to survive it.

Scott is the one who got all of us involved in this ride. In the beginning he rode to prove a point to someone – that he really could ride 150 miles in two days. But it didn’t stop there. Every year since that first one, he has ridden in the MS150. He has learned what a horrible disease Multiple Sclerosis is. He had a co-worker that died from it. He understands that this must be cured and he wants to do what he can to help.

Mary started riding because of Scott. As she stood waiting for him to cross the finish line that first year, she watched many others cross, including some who were riding with MS.  As she watched Scott cross the finish line his first year, she knew she could not watch from the sidelines any more.  She joined him the next year and hasn’t stopped.  She has several friends that have MS and has friends who’s family members have died from MS.  She rides for a cure for them.

Stephanie, has volunteered for so many years, working on both days of the MS ride to help with anything that was needed.  She has done just about everything from signing people in to passing out riding material to the people biking. This year she is going to do both ride and volunteer.  Stephanie has been wanting to ride for several years, but because of medical reasons, was not able to. Her family is with her all the way and is cheering her on in the big step she is taking. We are all so proud of her!!

Scott’s kids are also riding. The kids have all been going to see their dad and aunt ride through the ‘finish line’ since before they were even in school.  Scott’s wife, Nickie and Mary’s husband, Mike got involved with Bike MS when they met and were married into our family.

What started as one person riding to prove a point to a smart aleck comment has turned into a ‘family affair’ where the whole family is somehow involved in Bike MS.  Many of us ride.  Some of us cheer from the sidelines.  All help with fund raising.  We do what we do to help people with MS. No matter if the money goes to rides to take people to the doctor, helping them at home so they do not have to be institutionalized, to help them get their homes wheelchair accessible, or for research, we know we are helping and that is a really, really good feeling.

You can help, too. All it takes a donation to one, or all of us. We, The Schoolhouse Gang, thank you for your donation. Rest assured, your money will be put to good use.

Click on one, or more, of the links below to donate.

Scott . . . . . . Nickie . . . . . . .Mary . . . . . .Mike . . . . . . Stephanie. . . . . . . Zach . . . . . .Kenzie . . . . . .Emma

We would like to thank everyone who has already donated. The continued support is greatly appreciated!